Finance Club

FMDP Cell Established Finance Club for the students of B.K.School of Business Management in the year 2016. The club aims to improve the indepth knowledge of students in the area of Finance. The students were divided in different groups like Banks, Mutual Funds, Venture Capital, Credit Rating Agencies, Stock Exchanges, Stock Broking Services, Insurance, Regulatory authorities like SEBI, RBI, IRDA etc. based upon their interest area. Students were required to bring out the recent news for a particular week in the given allocated area, discuss with group members and present it in the form of poster on the Notice Board created by club.  Every Monday there was a new notices and posters on the notice board due to which student members as well non members of club got an insight of the recent happenings in the year. Generally every year club starts this activity in the end of Second Semester as by the time the students have knowledge of basics of finance. This year too cell is planning to carry out this activity and some additional activities under club finance.