EDP on Conflict Management & Strategies to Resolve Conflict

The first Employee Development Programme (EDP) for the working executives of different companies held on 30th January 2016. 35 working executives of different companies participated in the Programme.  The Programme was targeted to middle level Managers. The programme wsa for Managers, Administrators of academic institutions , Middle Level Executives from different manufacturing units, Industries and educational institutions, service sector industries and scholars who look for entry in the organizations at different managerial levels.

The programme addressed issues related to developing employees at different levels. The main aim of the programme was to enhance cohesiveness among employees working in organization. The main focus of the programme was understanding self, self role in organization growth, improving skills and personality development for personal and organizational growth, importance of effective communication, team building and leadership, conflict management in an organization. The programme was conducted by Dr. S. Garimella – Director (Ex), Institute of Management, Nirma University, Prof. Nina Muncherji, Institute of Management, Nirma University, Prof. W.C.Singh, Manipur Institute of Management Studies, Manipur University and Dr. Nilam Panchal, B.K.School of Business Management, Gujarat University.