National Youth Summit (NYS) 2017

“My faith is in the younger Generation, the Modern Generation, Out of them will come my workers. They will work out the whole problem, like Lions.” – Swami Vivekananda.

He expressed the confidence in the youth of this country. He himself was the embodiment of youth, dynamism and vibrancy. The life and ideals of Swamiji are greatest inspiration for the youth of our nation.

Taking inspiration from Swamiji’s Words, National Youth Summit is to be organized each year in the end of January by FMDP Cell, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. During the academic year 2016-17, 2nd NYS was organized for the development of nation by the means of providing a platform to the youth from different communities from parts of country to come together to share best practices, to discuss the needs, gaps, and challenges facing this country, and to discover ways to work together. Students, people working for youth development, teachers, researchers, academicians’, professionals from Industry, Policy Makers and Government Departments were the participants of the summit. The theme of the 1st summit was Youth for Empowering India . This year theme of 2nd NYS was Youth for Sustainable Development in India, which was divided into various sub-themes and the issues related to sustainable development on: women empowerment, Entrepreneurship, start-ups and Marketing, Environment and Disaster Management, Information Technology and chemical technology, Economic Growth, Industrial development, national and international issues and Health care, yoga, culture, religion and inclusive were discussed at the summit.

The summit commenced with the Welcome address by Director , Dr. Prateek Kanchan which was followed by Address by the Dr. Nilam Panchal ,NYS Chairperson who introduced the idea behind NYS and overall the programme. The Programme was inaugurated by Chief Guest of summit Mrs. Priyanshi Patel, Entrepreneur and Chairperson- Youth wing of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of summit Dr. M.N Patel, former Vice chancellor of Gujarat University, Dr. Ankit Katrodia, Sr. Professor, MANCOSA, South Africa, Dr. W.C.Singh, MIMS, Manipur University , Prof. Patel , Mr. Pankaj Shukla , Syndicate Member, Gujarat University. The contribution from the participants lead to the launch of the Book of Abstracts entitled- Youth for Sustainable Development in India (includes selected 91 abstracts from 150 abstracts received) and Book of Proceedings entitled “Navigating Towards Sustainable Development: A Compilation of Concrete Initiatives” which includes 65 full research papers, in the presence of the various participants, academicians and students of the college..
Panel discussion and presentation of papers was also a part of summit. Various speakers and experts panel sheded light on the theme of the summit “Empowering youth for sustainable development”. The esteemed speakers included Mr. Sanjay Chakraborty, Founder & Marketing Communication Advisor EssKSee consultancy and Prof. Ankit Katrodiya a senior professor at the management college, (MANCOSA), South Africa. After the plenary sessions all the participants are divided into 6 panels depending upon their sub-themes before the panel two jury members. The technical sessions held on various themes which included :


Technical Session – 1 “Youth Empowerment through women empowerment” headed by Dr. Bijal Mehta and Dr. Mehal Pandya chairpersons of the session

Technical Session – 2 “Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship, startups and marketing” headed by Prof. Sunita Guru and Prof. Pankaj Shah chairpersons of the session

Technical Session – 3 “Youth empowerment through Environment and Disaster Management, Information Technology” headed by Prof. Indu Rao and Dr. Jay Desai chairpersons of the session

Technical Session – 4 “Youth Empowerment through Economic Growth, Industrial development, national and international issues” headed by Dr. Prakash Chawla and Dr. Mamta Bhrambhatt chairperson of the session

Technical Session – 5 “Youth Empowerment through Health care, yoga, culture, religion and inclusive” headed by Dr. Ritesh Patel and Dr. Meeta Munshi chairpersons of the technical session,

Technical Session – 6 “Youth Empowerment through sustainable development” headed by Vilas Kulkarni and Margie Parikh chairpersons of the sessions.

Technical Session – 7 – Poster Presentation – Headed by Dr. W.C.Singh and Dr. Ankit Katrodia.

Achievements brings motivation, as the winners were decided after calculating all the results. The awards, prizes, and certificates were distributed to winners in different categories. The programme resulted in a great learning for students and has proved as a platform for the youth across the nation.