About FMDP Cell


The significance of Industry- industry interactions has become an integral agenda for higher education at not only University Level but National and International level too.

The mis-match between demand and supply between industry and industry, the gap in interactions between industry and educational institutes needs to be given primary importance. If the educational institute remains disconnected with the industry, the growth hand in hand will not be possible.

A crying need is felt more than ever for taking integrated initiatives towards knowledge acquisition and upgradation of skilled human competencies in universities and colleges to address the emerging needs of the economy so as to ensure that the graduates have adequate knowledge and skills to get suitably employed or become entrepreneurs and thereby meet the economic and industrial needs at the regional and national levels. This need can be fulfilled by creating and operating suitable collaborative arrangements between the higher educational institutions and industries. Such engagement between educational institute and industries carry the idea of mutually and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Participation of expertise available in the faculty of universities in offering Management Development / Employee Development Programmes as well as consultancy services to industries and assisting their in R & D activities and participation of industries in placements and internships of students of universities and in their skill development and employability are cases in point. Considering the importance of these issues, the need for establishing Faculty and Management Development Cell (FMDP Cell) emerges.